LNB Powering SatCom

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY offers together with its partner DEV, LNB SATCom powering devices. In satellite ground stations, the bias current for LNBs has to be provided by many separate power supplies which are also monitoring the voltage and current supplied to LNBs.

These  many individual power supplies often block the scarce rack space, maintenance and oversight is difficult. 


This is why DEV Systemtechnik has developed a series of L-Band multi-channel Bias Tees for professional use: the DEV 8122 and DEV 8123. rack-space-saving LNB Powering solutions.

DEV 8120 is intended for larger applications and provides convenient channel monitoring and Bias Current monitoring capabilities. The 3 RU DEV 8120 chassis can be equipped with up to 27 dual channel Bias Tees.

In addition, all DEV Systemtechnik’s RF-over-Fiber L-Band Tx Modules can also power up LNBs.

Our managed LNB Powering System provides up to 54  LNB power ports in 3 RU with maximum load of up to 320 mA each. Redundant power supply units, integrated RF monitoring system and the possibility to monitor and control via DEV web interface and SNMP protocol makes it to a key part of a transmission system.

  • High density, space saving LNB Powering chassis
  • The integrated RF Monitoring System enables a permanent monitoring of the system performance
DEV8120 LNB Powering System
DEV 8122 LNB Powering

The DEV 8122 and the DEV 8123 Bias Tees are 1 RU devices, providing power for 2 or 4 LNB channels. Each path is built-up with a 1:2 splitter so that the second output can be used to feed a monitoring system.

  • Cost-effective LNB Powering chassis
  • Redundant power supplies provide reliability
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