Komodo LTE Wi-Fi Performance Monitoring

Komodo LTE and Wi-Fi Performance Monitoring

Komodo is for every Telecom, ISP, Hotel and Industry where Wi-Fi is mission critical!


Wi-Fi monitoring


Discover, Optimize, and Monitor Your Network

Komodo Wi-Fi Features – Take your network to carrier grade through economical monitoring.
Komodo Wi Fi Eye

Discover your network blindspots

An unobtrusive, cost-effective, and highly scalable network sensor that enables you to illuminate network experience from the user perspective.
Komodo Wi Fi Analysis

Optimize your network

Leverage patented user-simulation technology to continually improve wired and wireless network performance.
Komodo Wi Fi Structure

Monitor real time application performance

Track user experience from initial network association to application interaction on every network segment and make informed decisions based on empirical evidence.

Place a Komodo sensor anywhere the user experience on your network is important. Use the sensors to track key performance indications in real time. Review historical data for root cause analysis through the Komodo dashboard or one of many external data consumption methods.



Komodo Wi-Fi Brochure
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Komodo Problem ID and Fixes
Komodo Systems Hotel Use Case

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