Interference Measurement

We do Interference Measurements

For every wireless system to be deployed into a RAN, TETRA, 3G/4G/5G or GSM-R network it can only function well if no interference with other services occurs.

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY has  highly experienced wireless professionals and experts, who install, maintain and troubleshoot wireless communication networks.

Interference Measurement Spectrum

Interference Measurement Spectrum Analyser

From our findings, the majority of problems (over 50%) in wireless network installation and performance occur within the base station infrastructure, which consists of the cable and antenna system and associated RF connectors. The remaining problems often caused by interferences from neighboring cell sites or industrial sites operating equipment like GSM booster, wifi amplifier, etc. which often accidentally emit unwanted RF signals causing interferences.

Also in densely populated areas in cities, towers and office floors we find that the available frequency bands, for instance in Wifi, are very crowded and low performing. Through our measurements we identify the root causes and implement suitable solutions.

Our portfolio of test and measurement products provides all the necessary measurement functions and performance to accurately diagnose and verify wireless networks.

Please tell us about your requirements for radio network interference measurements and troubleshooting.

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