Integrated UAV Drone
Defence Systems

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY offer integrated UAV Drone Defence Systems. UAVs are often unwanted in specific areas and especially where No-Fly Zones have been defined.

Monitoring these No-Fly Zones and taking quick counter measures if violated our Integrated UAV Defence System supports government authorities in many ways.

Modular – Flexible – Integrated UAV Defence System

All components of our UAV Defence System are designed to be modularly integrated, just addressing specific customer requirements.

From a portable, ready for mission, simple to operate standalone system to a vehicle mounted system providing extended performance to a fully integrated UAV Defence System with centralised Command&Control unit, we provide standard products as well as customer specific solutions.

A few KPIs describe the strength of this solutions: Frequency range 20MHz up to 9 GHz, RF output power 1 Watt to 2000 Watt.

As the the No-Fly Zone can be an airport, a palace, a tourist hotspot, etc. flexibility and customisation are key! We will have a solution for every single requirement.

We analysed globally the operating frequencies of UAVs – prices from 100 USD to 50’000 USD. Based on this experience we can provide ECM (electronic counter measures) to control access of drones to restricted areas.

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Our integrated solution comprises of the following components:

Drone Jamming Systems

  • Portable System
  • Mobile System
  • Stationary System

Drone Detection and Identification Systems

  • UAV Radar Detection
  • Acoustic Sensors
  • Optical Cameras
  • RF Sensors
  • Spectrum Analysis Tools
  • Directional Finders
  • Thermal Cameras

Integrated Drone Defence System

  • Drone Defence Command & Control Unit
  • Mobile Command & Control Cube
  • Modular Components
  • Optional Integration of further systems
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