Installation of Infrastructures

Often our clients prefer a so-called one-stop-solution. In such cases we not only provide the products but we also install, commission and hand over the project after completion.

What we do ?

We install data and power cables at data centers, industrial sites and on ships.  OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY has decades of expertise, trained resources, and strong qualification to understand and to handle nearly every cabling requirement.  

What do you get from us ?

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY delivers made-to-measure and cost-effective IT network installation rolled out in shorted possible time. OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY, being an IT and telecom service provider, offers cable system design, installation and project management services over the entire product portfolio of radio frequency, WiFi, data, voice, electronic safety & security and audio & video technologies. Depending on the requirements we build multicore fiber optic core networks using e.g. MPO assemblies, wide area networks using SatCom, VPN and Dense Wave Multiplexing or RFoverFiber, Local Area Networks (LAN) using CAT5/6/7/8 solutions and finally wireless systems.

What is the benefit working with us?

We build your solution based on decades of experience in the area of network infrastructures, IT, and data transmission where network cabling installations, service of small-scale to large-scale is our core capability. We help you  to build a fast, secure and stable network infrastructure.

Please tell us about your requirements for your installation project.

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