IEC 61169 Jumper Cables
and Connectors
IEC 61169 Connectors Adaptors Assemblies

We are supplying high quality RF jumper cable assemblies. Our cable assemblies are specially developed for applications where VSWR, minimum Insertion Loss (IL) and low attenuation are required together with low Passive Inter Modulation (PIM).

The excellent performance is achieved by utilizing corrugated cables (1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, with low intermodulation designed connectors according to IEC 61169.

These cable assemblies and can be produced for any length and with any connector type (DIN, 7/16, S7/16, N, TNC, 1.6/5.6, 1/2.3, BNC, 4.3/10, QuickLock, SMA, SMB, SMC, MCX, BMA, etc.).


  • Excellent RF performance
  • High RF shielding efficiency
  • High flexibility and small bending radius
  • Low and unchanging PIM
  • Low attenuation
  • IP68 Moisture protection
IEC 61196 Cable Assemblies1

We produce standard jumper cables as well as customized cable assemblies with special lengths and markings according to customer specifications in high volume capacity at attractive prices.

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