Hybrid Cable Fiber Optic + Power​

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY offers hybrid cables which include different fiber optic cable designs together with electrical wires for electrical power.

These hybrid cables serve the specific needs of Ethernet switches exceeding 100m PoE limitations, remote controlled video cameras, WiFi access points, access control systems, edge devices, radio links etc. applicable in industries, including Oil & Gas, On/Offshore Facilities, Mining and Chemical Industry.

Hybrid Fiber PowerCable
Muliticore Hybrid Fiberoptic with Power Cable
Armoured fiber optic hybrid cable
Hybrid Screened Fiberoptic Cable with Power Wires

Product details

  • Custom designed cable configuration
  • Single Mode and Multi Mode fiber available
  • Each fiber strain relieved
  • High chemical resistance against acids and alkalies
  • Tube can be stripped up to 2 m in a single piece
  • High crush resistance
  • Low smoke, halogen free and self extinguishing
  • Hybrid multi-fiber loose tube cables are rodent protected (glassarmoured)
  • Hybrid breakout cable applications
  • Small diameter and low weight
  • Data and power cable for industry, LAN, video, tele-phone or customer-specific applications
  • Installation outdoors, in moist, wet cable ducts and high humidity
  • PE or LSFH jacket material in different colours available
Hybrid Fiberoptic and Power Steel Armoured Cable
Hybrid Fiberoptic and Power Steel Armoured Cable

Non-Standard Configurations

In case you can’t find what you are looking for, our individual designs are available on request with small minimum order quantities.

Product IDFiber CountOD Loose TubeNo Electrical WiresOD Cable
130018691x 81.2 mm2x 0.75 mm²8.0 mm
130018701x 123.0 mm2x 2.50 mm²11.5 mm
130018711x 243.2 mm2x 4.00 mm²13.0 mm
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