preLink Connectors
HARTING pe-Link connectors

HARTING’s preLink® connectors are complete solution for implementing RJ45 & M12 Ethernet cabling. This system solution is a comprehensive product range that offers versatile swappable mating profiles, device interfaces and corresponding junction boxes.

The preLink® termination block is at the heart of the system: it can be wired with total safety in one step using our preLink® crimping tool. This ensures that your cabling remains versatile and sustainable into the future – with 100% process reliability!

Harting preLink® is providing a fast, simple and very easy solution which allows, using the right Harting termination tool, termination of multi-core data cables is done with absolute precision and professionality.

Even in case of maintenance or repair in the field can be done in a few minutes with only trimming the cable end for no more than 20mm. To our experience, most of the repair can be done by just replacing the connector housing rather than the terminal block.

Available preLink® connector types:

  • preLink® RJ45 connector for PROFINET connections
  • The Han® PushPull V14 preLink® RJ45 connector for AIDA interfaces
  • preLink® M12 D-coded connector for sensor interfaces
  • preLink® M12 X-coded connector for railway applications
  • preLink® RJ45 jack HIFF-format for panel feed throughs and service interfaces
  • preLink® RJ45 Keystone jack for electrical cabinet patch panels and outlets
  • preLink® Extender for cable extensions and cable transitions: solid-stranded
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