GSM-R and TETRA Antennas

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY provides GSM-R and TETRA antennas. GSM-R is a global standard for Automated Train Control (ATC). It is used in almost every rail-based transport system along with its system safety standards. TETRA is implemented as well in almost every transport system as the despatcher and authorities have to have audio-visual communication with the driver of the vehicle as well as with passengers via public address system.

Our product portfolio focuses on providing GSM-R and TETRA antennas providing coverage for ATC along the track side, in tunnels and provision along railway lines, consisting of off-air, airlink and fibre optic repeater components, RF cable systems (antennas and leaky feeders).

TETRA Antenna
Yagi Antenna

We also can provide single-band and multi-band GSM-R repeaters, TETRA repeaters and on-board repeaters.


Our experts are welcoming your requirements in order to identify the most efficient solution for your project.

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