GNSS and GPS L1/L2/L5 Antennas

GNSS and GPS L1/L2/L5 Antennas

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY LLC offers Engineering Services, Product Design, Co-Design and industrial production capabilities for manufacturing and testing of GNSS antenna solutions. Our antennas are able to receive GNSS Frequency Band and GPS frequency bands. The GNSS frequency bands include GLONASS, Galileo, Compass CPII/Beidou, IRNSS. The GPS frequency bands include GPS L1, GPS L2, GPS L5, QZSS L2C, QZSS E6, QZSS L1.

The use of multiple providers of positioning data can increase the location accuracy. Together with correctional positioning data like RTK Differential Positioning Systems can achieve an accuracy on cm level in x, y and z coordinate location.


GNSS and GPS Basestation Choke Ring Antenna Datasheet

GNSS Basestation Choke Ring Antenna
Product ID13005717
Receiving Frequency RangeBDS B1/B2/B3
GPS L1/L2/L5
GALILEO E1/E2/E5a/E5b/E6
Gain< 4.5 dBi
Output VSWR< 1.5
Impendance50 Ω
Band Width±10 MHz
Axis Ratio< 3 dB
Horizontal Coverage Angle360°
Vertical Opening Angle60°
Frequency Temperature Coefficient0 ± 10
LNA Gain38 dB
Noise figure< 1.8 dB (only LNA)
Output VSWR< 1.5
Output impedence50 Ω
Passband Ripple± 1.0 dB (only LNA)
Supply Voltage3.0 V – 18.0 V
Supply Current≤ 45 mA
Operational Temperature-40 ℃  – +85 ℃
Storage Temperature-40 ℃  – +85 ℃
Rel. Humidity40 % – 95 %
Height207 mm
Diameter314 mm
ConnectorN (f)
Weight2.5 kg


GNSS Antenna Radome
Choke Ring GNSS

GPS and GNSS frequencies, their respective wavelengths and their operational bandwidths are listed below.

GPS L11575.42MHz0.190m15.345 MHz
GPS L21227.6MHz0.244m11 MHz
GPS L51176.45MHz0.255m12.5MHz
QZSS L51176.45MHz0.255m24MHz
QZSS L2C1227.6MHz0.244m11MHz
QZSS E6/LEX1278.75MHz0.235m20MHz
QZSS L11575.42MHz0.190m12MHz
GLONASS I-L11602 MHz0.187m6.5MHz
GLONASS I-L21246MHz0.241m5MHz
GLONASS II-L11575.42MHz0.1904m6.5MHz
GLONASS II-L11600.995MHz0.1874m15.365MHz
GLONASS II-L21248.06MHz0.2404m8.75MHz
GLONASS II-L31202.025MHz0.2496m20.46MHz
GLONASS II-L51176.45MHz0.255m10.22MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou-E21561.098MHz0.1921m16MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou-E51207.14MHz0.248m16MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou-E61268.52MHz0.2364m16MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou-B11561.098MHz0.1921m4.092MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou-B1-21589.74MHz0.1887m4.092MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou-B21207.14MHz0.248m24MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou-B31268.52MHz0.2365m24MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou,B1-BOC1575.42MHz0.1904m16.368MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou,B2-BOC1207.14MHz0.248m5.115MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou,B3-BOC1268.52MHz0.2365m35.805MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou,L51176.45MHz0.255m24MHz

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