RF Filters / Combiners

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY offers RF Filters/Combiners which are able to filter or pass RF bands and split RF energy of an input signal into a number of equal output signals and combines different input signals into its output ports. All our RF Filters/ Combiners have a 50Ω impedance and are environment rated at IP66.

Our RF Filters/ Combiners can be provided as either passive devices ore as tuneable active devices:

passive combiner
  • Low Loss, max 0.5dB typical for Tx and Rx for both Operators
  • Narrow Guard Band
  • Fully Passive
  • Excellent Isolation and PIM
  • 19” rack or wall mount
  • Combines both Tx and Rx. So suits where operator has Tx/Rx on both BTS ports 3 and 6 port options
  • Enables new technology, 5G, LTE or UMTS, to co-exist in same spectrum as original technology 
  • Filter combiner, with Very Low Insertion Loss
  • Fully Duplexed Ports (Tx/Rx), allows 5G/LTE/GSM to share same feeder
  • Narrow Guardband
  • High Power RF
  • Tunable Bandwidth with remote tuning via IP
  • Provides Future Proof growth for new technology in the spectrum

Active tuneable Filters/Combiners enable 5G or LTE to co-exist in same spectrum as original technology (GSM or UMTS). Filter/Combiner offer very low insertion loss, fully duplexed ports (Tx/Rx) and allow LTE/GSM to share same feeder. A narrow guardband, high RF power are key features together with a tuneable bandwidth for remote tuning via IP connection.

Active tuneable Filter/Combiner provide future proof growth for new technologies being added to the spectrum.

tunable combiner
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