Field Termination

We do Field-Termination of Cable

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY operates its cable assembling workshop since 10 year. From our experience in termination at our workshop we developed the capability to provide the same service and the same quality in the field, at your premises.

– Why is field termination required? –

From our statistics we see that over 50% of all issues are related to the terminal of a cable. In fiber optics we see a rate of about 80%. The issues are mostly related to environmental factors like exposure to humidity, sea climate, heat sand and dust. The Second root cause is found in mechanical stress like pulling forces or over bending. All remaining issues are related to damages or cuts of the cable itself.

– Mobile Field Termination Tool Kits –

We bring our mobile tool kits to your site and are able to troubleshoot, repair and replace the connectors with the same quality as it would be done at our workshop.

With years of experience working on Ethernet, Data, Power and Fiber optic cables and connectors we have always a suitable solution at hand.

We typically provide our services at Data Centers, Cell Towers, Pipeline Pump Stations, Railway Sites and Power Substations and to system integrators. With a team of professionals and an outstanding field-safety record, we are ready for any field-termination services.

The termination, splicing, testing, and maintenance are important field services needed at every modern site. As we provide our service in production and often mission critical communication lines we provide trained and certified technicians for a trouble-free, fast, step-by-step and complete service deployment.

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY routinely provides on-site field termination and if necessary, cable placement as well.

We also provide emergency supply of connectors, cables and accessories from our warehouse.

Please tell us about your requirements for field termination service.

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