FTTA - Fiber To The Antenna
Cable Solution
FTTA Solution

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY has as clear focus providing passive Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA) cable solution. We are primarily looking at cellular towers, but also antennas mounted on rooftops, small cells and distributed antenna systems (DAS).

Fiber optic feeders are being used to connect BTS to RRUs at tower level. From RRU only short RF jumper cables are required to connect the antennas.

Bandwidth requirements and different technologies being in use simultaneously at macro cells towers are requiring today dozens of antennas.

FTTA tower connections are using fiber optic cables which offer reduced weight and cost alike. Cables with power conductors are also running up the tower. In many cases hybrid cable are used where optical fibers and copper conductors are in the same cable.

Small cells are small integrated radios and antennas are intended for small geographic areas. They cover frequencies from 700 MHz to 3.8 GHz with power output up to 5W. As these cells are smaller more installations are needed including power and fiber optic connectivity.

FTTA Hybrid Distribution

Our fiber optic cable assemblies are connecting the RRU with the base unit (BBU). These cable assemblies can carry fibers and electrical conductors are well protected by flexible armored jacket design.

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