Fiber Optic Splice Panel
and Patch Panel

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY is offering fiber optic patch panel and splice panels in numerous configurations.
Our 19″ patch/splice panels are versatile and offer easy splicing or patching inside a standard 1 HU housing. Our 1 HU panels can accommodate up to 48 ports such as LC, and 24 ports for SC, FC, ST and E-2000 adaptor. Our 2 HU panels offer twice the capacity of the 1 HU model. MPO models offer 12-24 times this capacity of fibers.

Maximum flexibility is provided through exchangeable front plates for a wide range of different adapter types.
Also, various different cables type can be fed through the backside panel and fixed easily at the interchangeable backplates.

Splice cassettes offer a comfortable and save storage area for loose tube fibers which is separated from the splicing and patching area inside the panel housing.

Fiber optic patch panel 19" OptoPatch

Main Features
• Standard 19″ 1 HU size
• Lightweight metal housing
• Up to 48 fibers per 1 HU
• Separate storage area for loose tubes and pigtails inside the panel housing
• Pre-perforated plates integrated in the rear of the housing
• Additional interchangeable adapter plates for different connector types
• ACS splice cassette with up to 24 fibers per cassette
• Colour-coded pigtails including delivery of splice panel

Main Features
• Standard 19″ 1 HU size
• Robust housing
• Telescopic drawer with tilt of 15°
• Multifunctional backplate
• Up to 48 fibers per 1U
• ACS splice cassette technology for up to 24 fibers per cassette

Fiber optic patch panel 19"
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