Fiber Optic Cable Assembly Manufacturing​

Where standard fiber optic cables are not meeting our clients requirement regarding e.g. fiber count, type of fibers, type of connectors, environment, breakout length and overall length, we are manufacturing as per your specification.

We are offering complete fiber optic cable assembly solutions including connectors, protection, drums and harnesses. Our cable assemblies are used in Oil & Gas applications like refineries and well heads, defense communication, industrial applications like plants within entire GCC. around the world, incorporating popular harsh environment connectors such as TFOCA-II®, M28876, D38999, ARINC 801, expanded beam and others.

For applications demanding reliability, traceability and the highest level of quality, a complete plug-and-play cable assembly directly from the manufacturer offers the highest degree of confidence.  

For these most demanding applications, AFSI specializes in manufacturing custom cable assemblies with quality components and industry-leading workmanship. AFSI is able to assist in designing and producing custom cable assemblies from a set of requirements or building to a customer print. 

Our highly skilled technicians are trained to a wide variety of industry standard procedures critical to manufacturing harsh environment fiber optic cable assemblies. All AFSI cable assemblies are manufactured by expert technicians in our state-of-the-art, AS9100 certified facility. 

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