Expanded Beam Connector
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Expanded Beam Connector

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY offer Expanded Beam Connector fiber optic assemblies as a solution which allows fiber optic high-speed connections being used also in an outdoor environment.

The Expanded Beam technology is extremely robust and resilient to dust. This product group often also called Tactical Fiber Optical Connector (TFOC and TFOCA for assemblies) is designed to ensure reliable optical connections while operating under the toughest conditions.  

We are manufacturing, testing and even repairing these assemblies according to your specifications. This included a choice of different cable types, length and connector models. 

Our product range from HARTING includes 2 core and 4 core single-mode and multi-mode cable assemblies of any desired length ranging from 10 m to 500m.

These models of Expanded Beam connectors are often used in TV, Broadcast and Industrial applications.

We also provide cable assemblies for use as connection components to the switch-gear cabinet or in your device as a panel feed through.

Expanded Beam Connector
Expanded Beam Connector

Many different models are existing produced by a number of manufacturers. The key decision criteria are

A.) the product quality regarding to rock-solid and low signal loss data connections.

B.) Interoperability between different manufacturers shall be proven.

C.) The provision of spare parts may also be considered as these connector types can be repaired in case such spare part are available.  

For product information about your new Expanded Beam Fiber Optic Assembly, we kindly request you to contact us.

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