Ethernet over Fiber
Ethernet over Fiber

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY offers industrial Ethernet over Fiber media converter, which allow to overcome the limitation in cable length when using CAT6 twisted pair cables of approximate 100m.

With Ethernet-over-Fiber media converters and their exchangeable SFPs, Ethernet can be run on fiber distances from 100m up to 100km without inline amplifier.

We offer many different models, here we like to refer to JetCon 3401G V2 industrial Gigabit Ethernet which has a slim metal case design and IP-31 protection. For its strong characteristics, not only single power input, the functionality of real time redundant power backup results in a real Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter with a non-stop transmission. It also has self-adaptive 10-60V DC wide voltage input for maximum flexibility.

Main Features of JetCon 3401G V2 Gigabit Media Converter

  • Converts 10/100/1000TX to 100/1000 Fiber
  • Flexible SFP Fiber transceiver design
  • Fault Alert for power
  • Two-way Link loss forwarding
  • Power supply redundancy 
  • Slim Case with IP-31 grade protection
  • Wide range operating temperature
  • Power Redundancy with 10~60V DC wide voltage input
  • Railway Certification EN50121-4 Compliance
Please Download Datasheets:
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