Data Package

We create your Data Package

A data package provides the project owner with a comprehensive description of the product, its components, its suppliers, test procedures and production details.

A data package also provides procurement department the flexibility in building and implementing their multi-source supply chain and build-to-order options.

The data package is maintained throughout the entire product life-cycle and records all essential details and updates of the product design. It includes the definition of the required design configuration and procedures to ensure adequacy of product or product-component performance. It includes all applicable technical data such as:

  • Product description
  • Product component descriptions
  • Key product characteristics
  • Required physical characteristics and constraints
  • Interface requirements
  • CAD Drawings
  • Standards and quality assurance provisions
  • Performance and verification requirements
  • Fabrication and manufacturing requirements
  • Conditions of use and operating scenarios
  • Rationale for decisions and characteristics (requirements, requirement allocations, and design choices)
Data Package RF cable Assembly

Together with our clients we determine the number of levels of design and the appropriate level of documentation for each design level.

We also determine different levels of product components that require documentation to manage documentation costs and to support integration and verification plans.

We also provide requirement analysis, prototyping and cable harness design and costing documented in so-called data packs.

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