Data Cables

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY offers data cables which include different CAT5, CAT6, CAT7, CAT8 cable designs.

These data cables serve the specific needs of applications using Ethernet and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).

Different cable jackets and designs allow our cables to used indoors, outdoors, direct buried or even as aerial cables.

Product details

Our cables are compliant with ANSI/EIA/TIA568B. Conductors are of solid or stranded bare copper or copper-clad aluminium wire.

Insulation material is Polyethylene (PE). Jacket materials are PVC, PE, LSZH or further materials like PTFE on request.

For outdoor applications we offer a highly robust double jacket cable designs, steel wire armoured (SWA) and corrugated steel tape armoured cables.

Standard temperature range for all cables: -20˚C up to +70˚C

Product IDStandard SpecificationCoresOuter Diameter
13001843CAT.5e UTP 2pairs2x 2x 0.50mm²4.1±0.2 mm
13001844CAT.5e FTP 2pairs2x 2x 0.50mm²4.4±0.2 mm
13001845CAT.5e SUTP 2pairs2x 2x 0.50mm²4.6±0.2 mm
13001723CAT.5e UTP 4pairs4x 2x 0.48mm²5.3±0.2 mm
13001846CAT.5e UTP 4pairs4x 2x 0.50mm²5.3±0.2 mm
13001847CAT.5e UTP 4pairs4x 2x (7/0.2)mm²5.3±0.2 mm
13001848CAT.5e FTP 4pairs4x 2x 0.51mm²5.8±0.2 mm
13001849CAT.5e SUTP 4pairs4x 2x 0.51mm²6.0±0.2 mm
13001724Outdoor CAT.5e UTP 4pairs4x 2x 0.50mm²6.0±0.2 mm
13001726Outdoor Double Jacket CAT.5e UTP 4pairs BC4x 2x 0.50mm²7.0±0.2 mm
13001721Outdoor Double Jacket CAT.5e UTP 4pairs CCA4x 2x 0.50mm²7.0±0.2 mm
13001850Selfsupporting CAT.5e UTP 4pairs4x 2x 0.50mm²6.0±0.2 mm
13001725CAT.6 UTP 4pairs BC4x 2x 0.56mm²6.5±0.2 mm
13001727CAT.6 UTP 4pairs CCA LSZH4x 2x 0.57mm²6.5±0.2 mm
13001851CAT.6 UTP 4pairs4x 2x 0.58mm²6.5±0.2 mm
13001729CAT.6 FTP 4pairs BC4x 2x 0.58mm²7.0±0.2 mm
13001852CAT.6 SFTP 4pairs4x 2x 0.58mm²7.0±0.2 mm
13001853CAT.6 SUTP 4pairs4x 2x 0.58mm²7.2±0.2 mm
13001722Outdoor CAT.6 UTP 4pairs CCA4x 2x 0.58mm²7.2±0.2 mm
13001854Selfsupporting CAT.6 UTP 4pairs4x 2x 0.58mm²7.2±0.2 mm
13001855CAT.7a SFTP 4pairs4x 2x 0.32mm²7.8±0.2 mm
13001856CAT.8.1 SFTP 4pairs4x 2x 0.32mm²8.0±0.2 mm
CAT 7 SFTP Ethernet Cable
CAT 7 SFTP Ethernet Cable
CAT 8 SFTP Ethernet Cable
CAT 8 SFTP Ethernet Cable
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