Custom-Made Antennas and Radomes

We design and build your custom-made antennas and radomes –

We are simulating, designing and manufacturing RF antennas like Ground Plane, Yagi, Clover Leaf, Circular and Dipole antennas for any kind of application and frequency from 100kHz to 10 GHz including microwave antennas. We are using complex software packages for RF simulation,  prototyping and production. 

Radiation Pattern 2.4GHz
S11 vs probe heigth
Radiation Pattern 5.8GHz

As antennas are mounted on surfaces on objects like trains, trucks, busses etc., we take into account of their impact for near-field and far-field radiation pattern simulation.

Also, we provide design for antennas radomes which are produced by OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY LLC.

– We test your antennas –

With our vector network analyzers and special antenna test equipment, your antennas can be tested about their general functions, also to detect malfunction. In addition, we also offer a comprehensive antenna testing service which will be tailored for your needs. These measurements according to ISO 17025 standard are carried out in certified and accredited anechoic chambers operated by our partners abroad. The following services are provided:

  • Anechoic chamber for antenna radiation pattern measurements, for frequencies from 100 kHz – 8.5 GHz
  • High-precision X-Y-Z positioning
  • Ultra Wide Band with 1 Tx and 3 Rx channels
  • For planar, circular and cylindrical antenna arrays
  • Planar high-precision positioner
  • Measurement of radomes and similar structures
  • Measurement of Dielectric Constant (εr) and loss tangent (δ)
  • Measurement of radar antennas

– We design and build your Mast Solutions –

We are calculating, designing and manufacturing masts, poles, brackets etc. for permanent and mobile applications to fit to your needs.
Our current models range from 0.3m to 30m.

If you cannot find an antenna suitable to your application, please contact us to discuss your specific requirement.

– We manufacture antenna radomes –

We analyze your requirements and propose the best suited design, polymeric material, compound and filler material. We analyze and test the signal transmission, absorption, mechanical stability, wind load, water condensation, UV protection, sand abrasion, temperature cycles and more.

We are measuring and qualifying potential radome materials by determining DK (εr) and loss tangent (tan δ) of polymeric materials like ABS, PE, ASA, copolymers, compounds, resins, PBT and more.

DK ResonatorPack
DK Resonator
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