Contracting of Projects
Our strength lays in Engineering and managing of projects. As project responsibility is with OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY, we assign the right competences at the right time and at the right place by contracting and involving qualified partners.

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY offers project design and engineering services covering the following:

  • Network planning and installation
  • Fiberoptics and Ethernet communication infrastructures 
  • Planning and design of electrical infrastructure
  • Conduit installation
  • Design of mechanical equipment
  • Civil and Structural Works

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY’s engineering office in Dubai, U.A.E., includes a permanent core staff who are professionals with each of them coming with vast experience, capable of providing above  engineering services. We are able to mobilize additional resources quickly in order to meet project requirements with the highest flexibility.

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY is continuously engaged in research and development to enhance quality and productivity during the engineering, procurement and deployment phases of projects.

Our goals are to deliver on time, exceed expectations in quality and build new as well as retain along-term partnerships.

Please tell us about your requirements and how we can add value to your project.

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