M12 Circular Connectors and Assemblies

M12 Circular Connectors 1

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY offers M12 circular connectors with either 2-pair twisted-pair connector face with D-coded and 4-pair twisted-pair connector X-coded. D-coded four-pin connectors are suitable for power and data transmission with a transmission rate of 100 Mbps. For higher transmission rates (e.g. Gigabit-Ethernet), eight-pin X-coded M12 connectors are used. 

M12 connectors are made for harsh environment IP67, have a very high mechanical and electrical rigidity and are resistant against dirt and humidity when they are plugged.

Simultaneously, safe and reliable contacting and thus an error-free data transmission are guaranteed. 

At our workshop we manufacture M12 cable assemblies as per our clients requirements including client-specific labelling.  Furthermore A-coded, L-coded and S-coded connector faces are available.

All cable assemblies are 100% tested and are shipped together with its test certificate.

HARTING M12 connector
M12 Connectors
M12 Cable Assembly

Our connector portfolio includes: 

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