Compatible Coded Transceivers

Our 2-, 4-, 10-, 40-, 100-, 200-, 400- Gbps Transceivers allow you to achieve provisioning of  high-performing data networks with combined data rates of 400-, 800-Gbps and even 1.6Tbps.




Within the 400G data rate modules, the QSFP-DD became the most popular form factor compared to CFP8 and OSFP modules.

The design of QSFP-DD form factor is able to handle data rates of 200 Gbps and more. 400G QSFP-DD modules are used for the transmission of 400 Gigabit Ethernet.

Our most common transceivers:

QSFP-DD Module
OSFP-XDGigabit Interface with up to 1600 Gbps (1.6Tbps)
QSFP-OSFPGigabit Interface with up to 800 Gbps
QSFP-DDGigabit Interface with up to 400 and 800 Gbps
GBIC                 Gigabit Interface Converter 100 Mbps-4 Gbps
SFP / SFP+       Small Form Factor Pluggable 2 Gbps-14 Gbps
XFP                10-Gigabit Small Form Factor Pluggable 8.5-11.33 Gbps
SFP+ / XFP       10-Gigabit Small Form Factor Pluggable 8.5-11.3 Gbps tunable
X2 / XENPAK    10-Gigabit Ethernet 10.52 Gbps
QSFP / QSFP+  40-Gigabit Ethernet 40.12 Gbps
CFP / CFP2       100-Gigabit Ethernet 39.8-103.1 Gbps
CFP                    100-Gigabit SFP 12x 1.06-10.25 Gbps (12 channels)

Advantages of “pluggable” transceivers are:

Flexible setup, fast installation, immediate adaptation to new interfaces (e.g. CWDM, DWDM, longer distances, Single Mode, Multi Mode …) and reduction of spare parts for increased cost control.

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY is offering top-quality transceivers with integrated diagnostics monitoring of temperature, optical input and output levels.

Vendor specific information is stored inside an EEPROM device. Writing and reading the code inside the EEPROM allows to create compatible transceivers which are seamlessly integrating into any hardware.

Compatible-Coded transceivers are correctly identified by the respective network components and providing their full functionality.

Compatible-Coded Transceivers are available for network products of the following brands:
Cisco Systems Inc., Ciena Corporation (ex Nortel Networks), Juniper Networks, Enterasys Networks Inc., 3COM, Brocade certified, Hewlett-Packard Company HP, Hirschmann GmbH, Extreme Networks, HP/3Com Corporation, Brocade SAN/LAN (ex Foundry Networks), HUAWEI Technologies Co. Ltd., QLogic certified, Marconi, Alcatel Lucent S.A., Arista Networks Inc., D-Link Inc., Riverstone Networks, AVAYA Networks Inc., ADVA Optical Networking SE, Linksys by Cisco Systems Inc., Mellanox Technologies, Inc., Nokia Solutions and Networks, Keymile GmbH, Infinera (ex Transmode Systems), etc.

Please send us an email with the transceiver models you are looking for.

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