Cavicel Industrial Cables
CAVICEL Instrumentation Cables

Cavicel designs and manufactures cables for special applications, on specific market needs and on customer requirements.

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY uses Cavicel’s products for its cable assembly workshop as they became a point of reference or quasi-standard for many of our clients. These cables are installed in more than 50 countries. Even in case of small supplies, these cables win wherever quality, wide technical competence and excellent service level are required.

Outstanding quality products are approved in Public Transport, Railway, Oil & Gas and industrial applications. 

These products are created by intensive Research & Development on the study of innovative solutions and on the use of high performance materials, in order to be able to offer the widest range of possible solutions.

Industrial cable assemblies manufactured by OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY in Dubai are predominantly built with cables from Cavicel. Our assemblies are serving our clients in Oil & Gas, public transport, metro and various industry sectors as a reliable asset to run their passive ITC infrastructure.

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