Cable Harness Design
Cable harness wiring diagram

We provide requirement analysis, prototyping and cable harness design and costing documented in so-called data packs.

Customised Data Packs
We are using tools which help us to automatically draw all of your schematics in real-time. Our focus is on your electrical design translating into a consistant data pack to be supplied to engineering and production teams. This saves time designing, reviewing and updating harness diagrams. Also wiring tables can be taken straight to manufacturing workshop. Our tools automatically generate lists of end-to-end connections. This allows to add any additional notes to your wiring table template.

Prototyping of Harnesses Our harnesses are used in the fields of industrial and government applications using fiber optic, coaxial, signaling and electrical cables together with active devices like bidi repeaters, media convertors, transceivers, frequency convertors, etc.

Cable Harness Design Simulation
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