Biquad Directive Yagi Antenna

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY LLC offers its Engineering Services, Product Design, Co-Design and industrial production capabilities and manufacturing of Biquad Directive Yagi Antennas.


Biquad Directive Yagi Antenna

A biquad antenna has at least one layer of two square shaped elements which are made of a conductive material like copper wire. They are typically used for 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz WiFi signals and has a high antenna gain.

Biquad antennas can be used as a stand-alone antenna or as a feed for antenna dishes. The biquad antenna has typically a wide beamwidth of 40 -50 degrees however depending on the shape and size of the reflector plate 

Different shapes of biquad antennas with multiple layers of directors are a good alternative to a directional antenna like a log periodic yagi antenna.

If the antenna is not within a protective radome, the elements can be easily be damaged. 

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY manufactures biquad antennas as per your requirements including protective radomes.

Biquad Directive Antenna
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