Bandpass Filter OmProtec

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Bandpass Filter OmProtec®

OmProtec®RBF 900 CF02 5 is a Band Pass Filter that is manufactured using a multi-section cavity design. The bandpass filter is usually installed at onboard radios, with specific frequencies it allows to pass. The frequency band of GSM-R howver are blocked/rejected to pass in order to avoid interferences with GSM-R services.

It has a bandwidth of 7 MHz for the rejection/stop band with a signal rejection >50dB.  The maximum insertion loss is 0.35 dB for the passband frequencies.

Stopband Frequencies

GSM-R Uplink: 873 – 880 MHz
GSM-R Downlink: 873 – 880 MHz

Operating Frequencies
GSM, UMTS, LTE: 694 – 2690 MHz

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