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1 to 4 HD-SDI converter
1 to 8 HD-SDI converter

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY offer 3G-SDI, HD SDI and HDMI media converter. These SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, HDMI video/audio formats shall be transmitted in the best possible quality via fiber optic cables. Typical applications are video beamers installed at sites like EXPO 2020 and other events.

Flawless and lossless A/V transmission not only requires reliable devices like signal and media converters, passive and active splitters as well as amplifiers and last-but-not-least high quality cables and connectors. We are using high quality connectors of the following types like BNC(75/50), N(75/50), F(75), SMA(75/50), Neutrik, XLR, SC, LC, FC  and many more.

Our solutions “Made in U.A.E.” provide seamless data and video transmission from sources like cameras to studio equipment. From studio equipment AV signals are distributed to OB Vans or to screens or directly to the Internet. Transmission solutions for coaxial 75 Ohm cables and for fiber optic cables are covering distances from 100m to 100km. In case of wireless transmission is required we provide respective LoS and NLoS radio links.

Coaxial and tactical fiberoptic cable assemblies are delivered as coils or on drums.

3GSDI Symbol

In AV communication solutions we combine our decades long experience in radio frequency and fiber optics to the success to your business.

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY is providing end-to-end AV communication solutions.

22 to 4 HD-SDI 3G-SDI converter fiber to coaxial
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