3D Printing

– We do 3D printing –

For small scale pre-production product design and approval we offer not only to supply prototypes quickly and efficiently, but also we provide durable functional short-run production-quality parts in various materials and colours. Our prototypes are as close as possible to final parts and dramatically enhance production and speed up approval processes.

Short-Run Production

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY can quickly provide rapid prototype production quality to solve short-runs, whether you require small series of 1 or 100 copies of a single design or multiple versions of numerous designs. Our 3D printers allow us to create new designs without the expense and time involved to manufacture injection molds.

Our 3D printer can be loaded with a variety of over 40 different materials like ABS, PLA, FRP and conductive filaments. In addition, many colors are available.

Our 3D printed objects are used in the fields of data centers, special cable guides, fiber optic housing, special cable divider, production plants, manufacturing, scientific simulation projects … etc.

  • Electrical switchgear
  • Data centers
  • Special cable guides
  • Custom antenna radomes
  • Fiber optic closures
  • Special cable divider
  • Production plants
  • Tools for manufacturing
Divider 12 core
Fiber Cable Divider
Threading Tools
Precision Threading Tool
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