Design and Manufacturing
3D MID Module2

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY offers HARTING’s 3D-MID (Mechatronic Integrated Devices) as an innovative and unique technology which combines electronic and mechanical functions in one single three-dimensional component.

Plastic parts which are manufactured with utmost precision in line with our customer requirements using injection molding techniques, and which can be deployed with great flexibility, form the foundation of these capabilities.

These parts will be furnished with conductive tracks using Laser Direct Structuring techniques (LDS). This technology offers the greatest degree of design freedom as it makes maximum use of the three-dimensional space available. The associated integration of mechanical and electronic functions in extremely tight confines saves space and supports the process of miniaturization.

HARTING’s 3D-MID antenna technology enables compact antennas to be executed in almost any 3D shape.

These advantages play a decisive role, especially at high frequencies in the mm-wave range or when integrating antennas into enclosures.

Due to the 3D design capabilities, antenna development becomes flexible, thereby offering ideal antenna performance, beam pattern, gain and efficiency – also for the most challenging conditions. Antennas based on 3D-MID technology are almost unbeatable wherever wireless communication is used.

3D MID Objects
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